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MOT changes 2018 and how they affect you...

The MoT test will be changing in the UK from May 2018. The new measures to improve driver safety, reduce air pollution and make the test harder for diesel cars to pass, will become effective from 20th May.

Of the changes to the test, the biggest is the introduction of three new defect failure categories. Under the new rules, faults will be categorised as:

- Minor,

- Major

- Dangerous.

Where minor fault is a pass. Major and Dangerous fault will result in an immediate ban, but Dangerous faults render a car illegal to drive on UK roads, until the issue is resolved and the car is retested.

for more info please go to DVLA's website:

Do not delay your health checks, always use professional service as this will save you costs later down the line ...

Supercharged Services is here to help!

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